Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Finds: Poufs!

When I was little they were bean bags (that doesn't age me too much now does it?).  Then somehow consumers got a little uptight and they became ottomans.  But we are happy to report that they have reappeared in full force.  And they are cool once again.  They even got a cool new name.  Poufs!

You can't blink without seeing one pulled up in a living room, play room or kids room as extra seating or just plain eye candy.  From crochet to leather, round to square. There are endless options. Just be sure to note whether or not the pouf comes stuffed or unstuffed when buying handmade options on line because that option varies as well.

Are they comfy?  Well, that truly depends on the pouf.  Fun and functional?  Definitely.

1. hand knit poufs by dana's joy
2. Moroccan leather pouf by one half dozen
3. crochet pouf cover by IDA interior lifestyle
 4. pouf pattern by mi picardia
5. custom felted flower poufs by live life in lime
6. crochet cotton poufs by la casa de coto
7. ottoman pouf by aletafae
8. ribbon wrapped inner tube poufs by camilla hounsell halvorsen
9. funky floor cushion cover by mookah
- Kristi
  zuzu girl

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  1. Poufs is really popular nowadays, my kids are really eager to have this kind of stuff, I was able to buy Poufs but the designs are not good as the compared to your picture.

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