Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Finds: Spring Blooms

There are two ways that we can tell Spring has arrived in Northern California. First, the entire family starts sneezing like mad. Typically all on the same day. But we're not terribly miserable because we all know what comes next.  So, we tentatively peek outside and tiptoe towards the garden. And without fail, we find the very first rose bloom of the season.  This, in turn, causes us all to jump for joy (in between sneezes) and break out the cameras (as well as the tissues).

We love Spring. And, as it seems, so does the Etsy community.  And for that, we are grateful. We hope you enjoy all of our blooming finds this Friday. And may we all celebrate Spring together. Achoo!

1. toddler shoes by gracious may
2. bracelet by nest pretty things kids
3. felt headband by bloomz
4. pillows by that funky boutique
5. dress by nuxie made
6. wands by maihar design
7. felt barrettes by the clever kitty
8. wall art by leila's flower garden
9. crochet purse by annabelle knits

- Kristi
  zuzu girl

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