Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Finds: Sunshine

My parents called my sister Sunshine when she was little and her birthday is in a few days. So in honor of my sister's birthday and the welcome sun that those of un in my neck of the woods have been receiving, here are some of my favorite Sunshine inspired handmade goodies.
  1. Bib Set by So Mommy Sew
  2. Ruffle Romper by Dream Spun Kids  
  3. Rose Earrings by Indie Boheme
  4. Owl Plushie by Gush 4 Plush
  5. Giraffe Hat by Melunder 8
  6. Monster Onesie by Eight Baby Legs
  7. Eye Glass Brooch by Bowie Blaine
  8. Caplet by Relections by DS
  9. Bow Tie by Me and Matilda
  10. Sun Stacker by  Imagination Kids
  11. Baby Headband by Handmade by Harlan
  12. Coasters by  Ruby Press

Rae Gun

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