Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Independence Day Printable Party Accessories

Over on our MHC Downloads page, you’re welcome to a real treat of free downloads, just in time for those Independence Day celebrations and summer picnics. You will find:

* Sandwich Trays in 3 variations (in red, in blue and also a blank for the kids to decorate)

* Cupcake Toppers

* Water Bottle Wraps


* 3 “starry” coloring pages

You will need:
* your chosen template(s)
* heavy, bright white paper (110 lb)
* glue and/or transparent tape (for the Drink Wrappers & Sandwich Trays)
* food-safe wooden skewers (for the Cupcake Toppers)
* colored pens or pencils (for the coloring pages)

Tips for assembling your party accessories:
1. Go to the MHC Download page and download your chosen Independence Day templates.

2. Print on heavy, bright white paper (110 lb).

3. Use good quality print setting (quality over speed).

Sandwich Trays
1. Cut out along the lines.

2. Score along the main solid black lines.

3. Add glue to the glue tabs and glue together.

Note:  These sandwich trays being printed with printer ink, you may want to line the trays with grease-proof paper and/ or a napkin before placing any open edibles in there to avoid direct contact.

Cupcake Toppers
1. Cut into squares, or punch with 2” scallop circle or 2” circle punch.

2. Glue to the wooden skewer.

3. You can keep your Cupcake Toppers one-sided and use only 1 square per skewer. Or, you can glue two squares back to back to each other with the skewer sandwiched in between.

Water Bottle Labels
1. When you cut the water bottle labels, do not cut any of the sides, i.e. make sure your rectangle's length stays 8 ½ inches even if your printer didn't print to the edges.

2. Peel existing label off the water bottles (this will leave some stickiness on the plastic bottle which will help your new labels stick a bit better).

3. Wrap the new labels around the bottle.

4. To adhere, you can use a little bit of tape. For best results, use the magic transparent tape.

5. If you like, you can personalize the drink wrappers by simply writing the individual names of your picnic / summer party guests on them.

Love this design?
The free “Independence Day” templates all courtesy of Tali Burress of A Party Studio.

- Tali
  A Party Studio

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