Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet the MHC Team: Rachael

mhc:  Tell us about yourself.

rachael:  Hello.  My name is Rachael, and I am a sometimes blogger, occasional crafter, infrequent Etsy store-keeper and all-the-time mother of 2 and wife to 1!  We recently moved from just north of Sydney, where we lived in our old blue house close to the beach, to inner city Melbourne in Australia.  I once worked in HR. I have been on extended maternity leave for over 5 years, but will perhaps return to this career once baby Louis gets a little older. 

I started my Etsy store ‘grandy and baa’ when Stella was a baby (she is now 5 ½ ), as I found that although I loved being at home with her, I needed something else to focus my energies on.  I had learned to sew as a young girl and thought I would list a few appliquéd bodysuits and see what happened.  ‘Grandy and baa’ was named after my mother (my daughter's ‘Grandy’) and me as Stella called me ‘Baa’ instead of Mama when she was little.  The plan was that Grandy was going to help out with some sewing.  Although my mother is a super star sewer and has top billing, she has never worked on any of my projects!  That may have to change… 

When Stella slept, I sewed and ended up having some very busy periods, stocking stores in Sydney and Melbourne and on online sites.  I also started my blog early in my Etsy adventure,  which although is quite neglected, has been a lot of fun.  Louis is an adorable baby that does not sleep very much so I have been unable to dedicate much time to my sewing.  I miss sewing and really hope to return to it in the future.  When I am not rounding up the 2 children, I love thinking about houses and the perfect design, mid-Century furniture, op shopping (thrifting), cooking, and planning holidays. 

mhc:  What made you decide to become involved with MHC?

rachael:  I have been selling on Etsy for a number of years and had been a member of the EtsyKids group when I heard about the development of this new online magazine.  The magazine was about things that were right up my alley – sewing, craft, embracing handmade, and parenting.  I got very excited when I found out that the editors were looking for a new contributor from the Australia/New Zealand region, so I put my hand up I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to fill that position.

mhc:  What is your job with MHC, and what do you hope to give MHC's readers?  What do you get out of it?

rachael:  I am the Australian Correspondent with MHC – it feels like such a grownup title, like I am working on the “New York Times!”  Although I can’t imagine that the “New York Times” would have as many interesting articles as we do… 

I focus on writing stories that highlight the talents of crafty types that live in the Australia and New Zealand region, and hopefully other parts of the Asia Pacific region. I hope that readers enjoy the opportunity to meet these people and to learn a little more about craft across the globe.  I have already been so lucky in being able to interview some of my crafting heroes and plan to chat with as many as I can!  I also enjoy being involved in the crafting community in a different way during this period of my life when I am unable to be tied to the sewing machine.

mhc:  What is your favorite section of MHC?

rachael:  I love reading recipe ideas in the Taste section, as I am a bit of a foodie.  I wish my passion for food (and especially for eating) was shared by our 5 year old – she would happily live on cheese and crackers, and cherry tomatoes!  I also enjoy the Dwell and, of course, the Create sections as they are always full of inspiration and ideas for keeping me and the little ones entertained.  And of course I love reading the interviews with the oh so clever people that MHC chooses to write about.

mhc:  What is your favorite season, and why?

rachael:  I love spring.  I love it because it is the promise of things to come -  of holidays, warm weather, Christmas and great summer fruits.  Before I moved south, I most enjoyed the late spring days before the humidity of summer gets too much.  Now that I am in a colder climate, I think the height of summer will be my new favourite! I love sewing little skirts for Stella, and appliquéd tee-shirts are a great summer look for Louis.  However, autumn and winter are great seasons for warm snuggly fashions.  Perhaps I should have just answered that I love all the seasons?

mhc:  And lastly, what's your favorite kind of candy and why? 

rachael:  In Australia we have the most amazing little lollies (our name for candy) called ‘Fruit Tingles.’  They are, as the name suggests, fruit flavoured, and they tingle and fizz when you eat them! 

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