Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Create: Your Own Superpower Girl

Superheroine – Cut Paper Illustration

We all need some super powers once in a while ... this illustration is probably one of the cutest reminders ever. The reminder to stretch out our arms wiiiide to truly embrace our divine super powers! Because, see, we all carry them inside us already ... we just need a little reminder of this here and there. So, create your Superpower Girl and keep her in a prominent place for yourself, hang her in your child’s room or surprise someone else with a gift of super powers ... most of all, enjoy this tutorial!

You will find all the templates for this tutorial over on our
MHC Download page.

Your Superpower Tools:
* Supergirl templates A, B as well as the illustration
* paper – assorted colors, patterns & quality to your gusto:
e.g. cardstock, scrapbook paper, colored paper
* colored pencils
* paper shaper scissors (if at hand)
* scissors
* glue stick

Assembling Your Own Superpower Girl
1. Go to the
MHC Download page and download or print both template A and template B as well as the image. This image will help you line up your pieces while you glue everything together.

2. Gather up your tools and paper. Choose what colors you would like for the illustration. You need colors for the hair, skin, clothes, eyes, and background.

3. Put color paper UNDER the template. For instance, when cutting the hair, you want the color paper underneath the hair template part. Using scissors, cut through both the template and the color paper. Do this for every piece on both pages, saving all the color pieces, and discarding the template part.

Alternative: cut out the templates, place on your chosen piece of colored paper, trace around template and cut out along the outlines you have just drawn.

4. With your pieces cut, it is time to glue. It is like putting together a paper doll. Use a glue stick to glue each piece together. Again, use the image to help you line up where each piece goes. When you are done, you should have a paper girl fully clothed.

5. Use colored pencils to add eyelashes and other details.

6. Glue the paper girl onto a background: it can be a simple background or an elaborate scene. My format was 8 x 8 inches but you can choose a larger size. If the paper buckles from the glue, place the entire illustration under some heavy books (yep, it does the trick).

Congratulations! You completed your cut paper illustration! Feel free to re-design and embellish the girl and/or her clothes. You are welcome to make as many as illustrations as you want, however, please do not sell. This is for your own personal delight. If you want to show off your finished pieces, you are welcome to post here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/cutpaper/.

If you would like to learn more about the artist behind this cute illustration ... take a peek into our current Autumn Issue for an interview with “Greenbeanbaby” Ellia Ana Hill (page 28) ... and be inspired by her sweet and gorgeous and oh, so lovely artwork.

- Tutorial & template by Ellia Ana Hill
  Greenbeanbaby Art

- with an Intro blurb by Nicole Passeier
  Magic Rainbow Dreaminx

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  1. *SQUEAL* She is absolutely adorable!!! I was admiring GreenBeanBaby Art from your current issue and she has such cute characters!! Thanks for the tutorial and templates!! This looks like fun!!


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