Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Finds: Birdhouses – All Shapes and Sizes

Birdhouses play an important role in the conservation of birds and have different physical and behavioral needs thus there is not one type of birdhouse that would be suitable to all. The types of birds that will nest on a yard or property are largely determined by the habitat.  Below are few birdhouses that can be enjoyed by many. 

  1. Birdhouse Trailer - Shasta Bird house - Blue/White birdhouses by Birdhouse 20
  2. Wood Bird House Rustic Birdhouse Recycled Metal Flower Simple and Sweet Lime Green, by BaconSquare Farm
  3. Window mounting wren bird house, Cedar Bird House, Wooden Wren House, Natural Finish, Outdoor Birdhouse by Built at Home by John
  4. Redwood Balloon Birdhouse by aveart
  5. Rustic Birdhouse - License Plate Birdhouse - Spoon Birdhouse - Primitive Birdhouse by Rural Originals
  6. Mosaic Stone Bird house and Feeder by Winestone birdhouses

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