Monday, August 15, 2016

Amazing Kids!

Reaching out and helping others is a way that parents with children/teens are increasingly making volunteering a regular part of their life. Volunteering can run the gamut, whether it's delivering meals, helping to gather canned food for a food pantry, making handmade cards for a senior community, making knotted fleece blankets for an animal shelter, or sharing random act of kindness.  For parents who want to spend time with their kids and teens hanging out with teens, while still contributing to their community, volunteering as a family/group is an ideal activity that will not only help instill values but it develops our future adults’ compassion, gratitude, and empathy and sense of community responsibility. 
One trend that has started in our community are teens getting together to help make a difference. It is a wonderful way for the teens to have fun but also helping another person. It creates an impact and allows them to take responsibility in a positive way. 
One example that took place locally was a group friends from a ballet company/class got together one evening and hosted a Sole Hope Party. Each person brought a pair of old/too small blue jeans and a donation of medical supplies. The blue jeans were cut at the party into what are called “uppers”. These “uppers” are made into shoes for children. Jiggers are a serious problem in Uganda; the jiggers burrow into the soles of children’s feet and lay eggs, which then hatch inside the feet and damage the tissue of the foot, causing great pain and infections. 
The teens loved getting together, they chatted, listened to music and each of them knew that they were working together to make a difference for another community. 
Modern Handmade Child is starting a new section called “Amazing Kids!” We encourage you to share with us families/kids/teens that are making a difference in the community. In return we would share their passion on MHC. To learn more please contact

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